Warfare Document Predicts “Aerosols” Deployed as Bio-Weapons

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

NASA - Future Strategic Issues and Warfare Circa 2025 - menu-bClick to Enlarge

NASA: Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare [Circa 2025](PDF)

Much more than geoengineering to alter the climate – the “chemtrails” operation is now being revealed in it’s full agenda as a weapons war against humanity and the natural world.

Chemtrails Micro Dust WeaponsNot Just Spraying Aluminum and Barium Any More

Investigator, Cliff Carnicom identified self replicating Morgellons filaments as a fallout of geoengineering aerosols (chemtrails) ten years ago. How many more toxins are being sprayed today?  

Is the airborne version of EBOLA envisioned in this document already being sprayed over populations?

NASA - Future Strategic Issues and Warfare Circa 2025 -aDennis Bushnell MugThe presenter of the 2001 Power point is Dennis M. Bushnell (Bio) – Chief Scientist at NASA Langley Research Center who has authored several books (Amazon)

Bushnell nears his 50th year at the center having come to NASA Langley in June of ’63, drawn by the allure of the Apollo program and with an interest in high-speed gas dynamics.


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